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Your Specialists in New England Sales Marketing

The six states of New England - Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine - are our backyard. It's the only territory we work, which works for you!


You'll get the speed and area knowledge you need to advance sales quickly and efficiently when you work with Scully Lemoine Marketing Associates Inc.

Known and trusted throughout the region

Our associates can get your products into the big automotive wholesalers because we know these people. Based on our 30 years of area experience, wholesalers have learned that we are knowledgeable and honest. We are known for doing the the field work and sales meeting to educate the end users.

Serving the primary automotive markets in the area

Contact us to begin your new marketing effort

When you're ready to move your high-end aftermarket auto parts, contact Scully Lemoine Marketing Associates Inc. at 413-530-6708. We have the contacts to make your business a success.

New England features a wide variation in population density and vehicle registration that is primarility based in lower 2/3 of New England.


The offices of Scully Lemoine Marketing Associates Inc. and our team residences are centered in these high-population areas, and we have immediate access to those key markets, so we can address your plans right away.


Although all of New England is important and may figure in your marketing program, your greatest business potential is tied to the densely populated areas. When over 90% of the region's population is within a 90-mile radius, that's where you'll want to concentrate your efforts, assisted by our able associates.